2 Chelsea coaches accused of ‘punching and kicking young black players’ in ’90s

The Athletic have obtained documents regarding a culture of ‘racist bullying’ at Chelsea in the 1990s in which the club is now being sued for.

It includes allegations that coaches ‘punched and kicked young black players’ in 1990s – here are a few of the harrowing details from the piece:

One of the unnamed black players, who is suing Chelsea for aggravated damages, says he was punched on a number of occasions by Graham Rix, formerly the club’s youth-team coach, and was the victim of repeated assaults from Gwyn Williams, the director of youth development.

Rix allegedly punched a youth-team footballer between the legs for 4 years. The player, now in his 40s, was left with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to court papers.

Rix is also said to have once thrown a ball at point-blank range on a young player, making him fall to the ground with a bleeding nose.

Williams, who was with the Blues for 27 years, accepts he used racial language but ‘has submitted evidence to the court to say it was not intended maliciously.’

These allegations have been submitted in advance to the High Court, with the trials of these ex-Chelsea coaches set to start on March 7.

The Athletic specifies: “The case – AMX v Chelsea Football Club Limited – is shaping up to become one of the most high-profile of its kind, featuring a line-up of 62 witnesses and potentially some of the biggest names who have played, or worked, for Chelsea in the relevant era, under the ownership of Ken Bates.”

The unnamed player has previously described Chelsea at that time as a “feral environment” in which black players were “treated like a race of fucking dogs”.

On another occasion, the teenager was cleaning one of the professional players’ boots when Rix allegedly asked him whether he had “fucked any of our white birds” at the weekend. “Rix told him that if it was his daughter he would ‘lynch (his) black arse’.

Once, Rix allegedly shouted in front of the whole squad about the black player: “[if his] heart was as big as his cock, he would be a great player”. The comment was repeatedly met by laughter from most of the squad.

This led Rix to follow up with another racist comment where he said the player “should have been the only person in the whole stadium to be able to endure the 40-degree heat, as blacks were always winning the long-distance Olympic events in the heat, if they weren’t spear-chucking.”

Another of the players has called it a “mini-apartheid state”. The report adds: “An independent inquiry, conducted by the Barnardo’s children’s charity, concluded in 2019 that ‘the ongoing and repeated use of racially abusive language … appears to have created an atmosphere in which abuse was normalised’.

Chelsea fully accept the findings that Williams had targeted boys as young as 12 with a ‘daily tirade of racial abuse’.

Williams and Rix both deny any wrongdoing allegations.

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