Abramovich issues open statement after winning court case on Club ownership – Congratulations

English club owner, Roman Abramovich was included in a publication released last year by Catherine Belton in her book “Putin’s People:How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took On the West”.

Belton claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin vetted Abramovich and instructed him to buy Chelsea. The billionaire refuted these claims and took the author and publishers [HarperCollins] to court.

Recently, the court has ruled over the case and adjudged that nine defamatory allegations were made about the Chelsea owner, including the one about the purchase of the club.

Abramovich has released a statement through his spokeperson saying: “We welcome today’s judgment which rules that the book “Putin’s People” indeed makes several defamatory allegations about Mr Abramovich, including false allegations about the nature of the purchase of Chelsea Football Club.

“We are pleased that the judgment has found that the book carries a total of 9 defamatory allegations against Mr Abramovich, in line with the arguments in Mr Abramovich’s initial claim.

“Today’s judgment also rules that these allegations are allegations of fact and not an expression of opinion, as argued by the defendants.

“Today’s judgment further underscores the need for the false and defamatory claims about Mr Abramovich to be corrected as soon as possible.”

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Since Abramovich’s take over of the club back in 2003, Chelsea have transformed into one of the best clubs in Europe and arguably the best English club of the last decade.

It’s good to see that the wrong comments about him will be addressed and changed.