Barcelona midfielder Pedri reveals how Xavi’s style affects his performance on the pitch

Xavi’s arrival at the Camp Nou has seen the Blaugrana improve drastically, and the Canary Islander is enjoying life under the former midfielder.

“He is a coach who gives us confidence in every move because he knows very well what he wants to do with the team and the players are understanding him perfectly,” Pedri said.

“We know that we have to be able to control the game through possession and that’s what he insists on the most.”

Barcelona president Laporta: Super League is open

Barcelona president Joan Laporta insists the Super League isn’t over.

Barca, Real Madrid and Juventus continue to drive the rebel competition, despite it falling flat a year ago.

Laporta told RAC1: “We keep going. It is a project that is currently in court. It is a project that will be won. The Superliga is open, not closed. The state leagues do not want to be burdened. And the format of the competition will be the most attractive and I think an improved Champions League can come out.

“I think we’ll end up in a dialogue with UEFA. What can’t happen is that with UEFA’s permission there are club-states and it’s hard for teams like Madrid, Juve or us to compete while that there are others who play the masters.

“For the sustainability of football, we cannot allow it. There are clubs pending sentence and we have to continue advancing.”

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