Boro head coach Chris Wilder sends message to Chelsea amid inner turmoil ahead of FA Cup finals

“For me, the noise that’s been coming out if it – the club is not in jeopardy, is it?” Middlesborough head coach Chris Wilder said at a press conference about Chelsea’s situation ahead of the FA Cup showdown.

“It’s not a situation like a Macclesfield or a Bury in the football pyramid, what happened and shouldn’t really have happened,’ the Boro boss added.

“It will go up for sale and it will be bought by a billionaire, who will possibly invest more money into it, they’ll possibly invest in the stadium, invest in the facilities.

“So I don’t think there’s, in the football world, an incredible amount of sympathy over what’s happening, really, and I don’t think Chelsea supporters would expect that as well.

“It will be a short period before the takeover and Chelsea will go again and they’ll go on from strength to strength.”

This is certainly the most tumultuous time in Chelsea’s history since 2003 when Roman Abramovich bought the club.

However, the Russian oligarch was sanctioned for his close links with Vladimir Putin after the latter started the war in Ukraine.

Given that Chelsea benefitted from Abramovich’s money for almost two decades, it’s no wonder there’s little sympathy for their situation right now.

‘History isn’t repeating itself’: Real Madrid fans look forward to revenge opportunity vs Chelsea

For the second year in a row, Chelsea have been drawn against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Last season, the Blues knocked Los Blancos in the semi-finals. Now, the teams meet again in the quarter-final.

Here’s how the Real Madrid fans at reacts to the draw online:

Uncle WAS: “This time around, we are on another level, therefore history isn’t repeating itself. It’s a win for us guys. Hala Madrid.”

Samuel Harry: “I like this, I wanna see how strong Tuchel is this season, I’m not here to brag though but the qualification to the semi-finals is already ours.”

Quentin Kimbi Junior: “Revenge is sweet, Chelsea is not as good as last season, and we had many injuries, so we can beat Chelsea.”

Taiye Bakare: “The game is 50/50. But it’s time to pay them back. we are winning this one.”

Gentle walkers: “We faced them last season in the semis and they outclassed us with their performance but this time round, we’re going it out all at the Stamford Bridge and claim our 3 points. They’re a tough side though but once we’re in the game, victory knocks on our doorsteps”

Otunba Olumide Kelvin Fawehinmi: “I didn’t expect this, but this time Chelsea FC will go down for Madrid, because we have paid our price.”

Mazzysure Mediavibes: “Nothing is impossible, we are Madrid! The road seems very tough to get to final because after defeating Chelsea we are facing Manchester City in semis.”

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