Chelsea boss Tuchel clears doubt as he release update on Club takeover

“I know about the timescale but I don’t know anything about the offers,” Thomas Tuchel said when asked about the Chelsea takeover, as quoted by SI.

“I don’t know how many offers, if they are serious or who they are from. I am not so much interested in the details of the process. I know the guidelines of the process.

“This is enough for me. When it gets crucial and decisive then it is enough that I know it.

“You know as much as me. I maybe know a few hours before. The offers are in now and the board tries to find a decision with the government as soon as possible.

“The responsibility and the attitude come with what you sign up for. If you sign up for Chelsea, you sign up for winning and you sign up for being competitive. This is what you have to deal with.”

Last Friday marked the deadline for bids. On Monday, Raine Group, a company overseeing the takeover, supposedly plans to determine three or four best offers and send rejection letters to the remaining ones.

It was previously reported that the sale process should be over by the end of March.

Chelsea new bidders Centricus’ astonishing wealth revealed

A UK-led consortium, fronted by asset management company Centricus, has confirmed they have launched a bid to buy Chelsea.

The consortium consists of British businessmen Nizar Al-Bassam, Jonathan Lourie, Bob Finch and Garth Ritchie.

All four are Chelsea fans and have season tickets at Stamford Bridge, the Daily Mail claims. And their wealth is astonishing.

“We oversee £40bn assets,” Al-Bassam said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

‘We’ve tried to focus on a proposal which align the ownership of the club with long-term investors with a deep history with the club. If you look at the proposal we put forward, keeping it an entirely British finance proposal is core to that.

‘There are plenty of very successful clubs financed by international investors but in this case after two decades of exceptional success by the club, the club has the fanbase with the resources to support the club to maintain that success. That’s what’s very unique about this proposal.

“Our bid is all domestic, we don’t have any foreign investors so we’re using domestic capital which I think is quite noteworthy. We all attend the matches with our kids.”

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