Chelsea boss Tuchel sends message to potential new owners stating club priorities

Thomas Tuchel spoke to the media ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup clash against Middlesbrough. He shared his thoughts on what a new owner should entail for the club.

“If somebody buys a club for this amount of money then it’s about challenging on the highest kind of level, then it’s about trophies, then it’s about winning and then it’s about being the best you can.

“It’s not about developing a project, it’s not about making money with the club.

“Who am I? I don’t know the ideas behind buying a club or any organisation for this amount of money because I cannot afford it and I will never be able to. But that’s what I hope and what I think. I think Chelsea as a club and a structure and an organisation has an awful to offer, and that’s why the price is like it is.”

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