Chelsea fans accuse Europe of funding war; sends message to UK govt

‘Leave Our Club Alone’ and ‘Europe Is Funding The War, Not CFC’ graffiti have been spray-painted outside Stamford Bridge stadium after Chelsea FC has been slapped with restrictions, including a ban on sales of new tickets and merchandise. This comes as sanctions are imposed on owner Roman Abramovich, due to his association with Russian President Vladimir Putin. London, UK 11/03/2022

Since Russia mounted its unprovoked act of aggression against Ukraine on 24th February, the internet and social media have been lit up with footage of destroyed buildings, missile attacks and shelling, horrible acts of violence against civilians, hiding underground – and refugees fleeing for the border with only what they can carry with them.

Russia has so far failed to change the global narrative on Ukraine. However, misinformation and disinformation is rife, posing a significant challenge for media professionals reporting on the conflict.

According to reports, some workers had taken their time to use paints to pass a message to the UK govt:

Blood red graffiti stained the walls of a building site close to the stadium.

‘Leave our club alone’ and ‘Europe is funding the war – not CFC’ were sprayed onto the grey walls.

Chelsea has been granted a special licence by the government to continue playing, allowing Thursday night’s 3-1 win over Norwich to take place.

But boss Thomas Tuchel said the players and staff were ‘frightened and scared’ by the situation.

The team face a points deduction if they enter into administration or could even FOLD if if Abramovich doesn’t manage to sell within 81 days.

It emerged that the ‘special licence’ that will allow the club to play on to the end of the season will NOT be renewed unless the Russian agrees a sale – and walks away without a penny.

Chelsea have been told that a deal must be agreed before the licence runs out on May 31 to guarantee the survival of the club as a functioning entity.

The situation is tough on Chelsea supporters, who have enjoyed many years of success under Abramovich.

As new ownership looks to be the only way out, British billionaire Nick Candy is still keen on buying the club, despite the new sanctions.

The 47-year-old is one of several interested parties that expressed a desire to purchase the Blues when Abramovich originally announced he was selling the club for £3billion.

We are not in support of war, we call for Peace in Ukraine – Paceess. We are not in support of war, we call for Peace in Ukraine – Paceess. We are not in support of war, we call for Peace in Ukraine – Paceess

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