Chelsea fans’ hilarious reactions to Harry Maguire missing next week’s clash

Chelsea will face troubled Manchester United next weekend and it’s fair to say that all is not well at Old Trafford.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked as the club’s manager and captain Harry Maguire will be out for next week’s clash due to a red card he received yesterday against Watford.

In their usual manner, proud Chelsea fans have hilariously reacted to Maguire missing out in the game against Thomas Tuchel’s team:



extremesanity96: “I don’t care about results against other teams. But please beat Manu for god’s sake. My love for Chelsea is equivalent to my hatred for Man United.”

Mona5800: “Maguires second yellow was hilarious… he must have watched too many Rudiger highlights and thought he could run the ball up the pitch”

tb71425: “Man wtf Maguire was needed against us! Now even Ole is sacked. Bad times for Chelsea xD”

Hassou_Tobi: “Nah. He’s shit but seems to get away with murder whenever he played against us. This might actually work in our favour.”

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BrockStinky: “He doesn’t ‘turn up’ against us, he tries to kill our players and gets away with it because refs are blind. Hate the prick with a passion.”

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