Hilarious: Chelsea fans react to Man United reportedly signing Ralf Rangnick as interim manager

Manchester United will be going up against Chelsea in the next Premier League fixture, with the latest reports making rounds on the internet suggesting the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as interim manager with a further 2-year consultancy role.

The Blues’ rivals had become the league’s whipping boy in recent games under Solskjaer but Rangnick is a well-respected football mind who has excelled in Germany.

However, the Blues fans who were still lamenting the sack of Solskjaer when apparently it was their turn to whoop the Red Devils, now has turned around to react to the news of Rangnick’s potential arrival on Reddit:

Here are some of the reactions:

shastmak4: “Can’t wait to see how he tries to get Ronaldo and Pogba to play high intensity pressing football. This is going to work out great for them.

admiralawkward: “Well thank fvck we got Tommy T.”

just_dew_eat: “If he was so good, what was he doing in the back waters of Russian league?”

Cowdude179: “Rangnick will fail, not proven with big clubs, in the CL and doesn’t know the PL. Can’t handle big egos.”

NoReplacement6761: “He’s legit won nothing as a manager other than the Bundesliga championship. I ain’t worried.”

Remy13Hadley: “He is a “dictator”, who wants to control everything within his club. This doesn’t go well with most top clubs because teams have a set-in-stone hierarchy.”

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