Chelsea propose to thrash Juventus – Fans verdict

The reigning European Champions are set to host Juventus in tonight’s Champions League game and the team will be all out to get a revenge for the 1-0 defeat earlier this season.

Fans are hyped for the game and have shared some thoughts and predictions for this massive clash.

Below are some of the best comments about the upcoming game from Reddit:

skeesis: “I hope I’m not too optimistic, but have a feeling we’re going to crush Juve today. Yeah, they’ll probably play low block and defend with their lives, but one does not simply play so well against Tuchel tactics two games in a row.”

chriosen21: “The fixture I’ve been waiting for since a long time. The previous encounter was universally expected to be a bounce back win and we screwed up. No way we miss a second chance.”

ZealousCharmer: “You just know Juve are bringing their airbus onto the Stamford Bridge pitch. This is going to be a long one.”

RegressionToTheDream: “Group winners are way more likely to progress, and eventually win this tournament. This team is special, this season could be special, but we have to prove it and make it happen every game. Good chance to put ourselves in position to win the group, let’s go!!!”

ttthetall: “I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Pulisic will score the winner tonight. I predict a 2-0 here and some revenge from the last meeting.”

Admirrrr: “They are probably the team that I despise the most in the world. Tuchel please!”

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ijmtuuwwil: “2-1 win, close game but we should break down the bus. Not sure who will start up front but I trust Tuchel. Should be a cracking game.”

What are your thoughts and predictions for the game? You can share your thoughts below!

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