Chelsea star reveals what Tuchel wants from players ahead of United clash

Chelsea star Ross Barkley has become one of Tuchel’s regular players this season, playing in between the lines in a No. 10 role, something he opened up on.

The player has revealed what Tuchel wants from Chelsea players while speaking with club website.

“When I came on against Newcastle, it was more to play in that position out of possession, but in possession to have the freedom to try and link things up, suck defenders out to create space for others or to run into space,” Barkley told

“The manager doesn’t really want you to be too disciplined in possession as an attacker, because he wants you to have freedom to create, freedom to take players on and freedom to be direct.

“That’s the message he gets across before you come on or before you start. He wants you to do what you do in training, really, and you don’t feel pressure.

“Through the way you train, you know what you can produce in the games. Against Newcastle, I actually came on at 0-0 and within 16 minutes it was 3-0.

“So it was great for me, because the manager saw it and spoke to me about it being 0-0 when I came on and ending 3-0, having a joke with me about it.”

Apparently, Barkley has become a key piece in the advanced midfield position, coming on to impact games when Chelsea need a spark.

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While he still might be moved on at some point, getting something out of him is a testament to Thomas Tuchel’s ability as a coach.

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