Chelsea Supporters’ Trust makes one key demand from UK government in sale of club

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust issued a statement regarding the sale of Chelsea and demanded that the fans must a have a golden share in the club.

‘The CST has been clear that any new owner must demonstrate their commitment to supporters by creating a golden share for fans.

‘We believe it is essential that the new owners listen to supporters and give them a stake in the club. We strongly welcome the bidders who have publicly confirmed their intention to do so.

‘We believe that every prospective owner should make this public commitment to protecting the club’s heritage by issuing a golden share for fans. The Government should discount any bid that is unwilling to do so.

‘While we cannot comment on commercially sensitive matters, the CST would like to reassure our members that in all dialogue with bidders, we have reaffirmed and will continue to reaffirm that any new owner must share the inclusive views of Chelsea FC and our diverse support base.’

Nick Candy has publicly said that he would include Chelsea fans in the ownership of the club, while John Terry has led an NFT based push for a 10% stake in the club for fans.

‘We don’t need sentimental owners’: Chelsea fans react to London businessman comments amid takeover

Nick Candy made comments about Roman Abramovich’s sacking of Frank Lampard as Chelsea manager, saying that he was let go too early and should’ve had more time.

The Chelsea-bidder faced the wrath of the fans as they dug into his controversial claims:

SPOTKICK 24: “This is exactly the reason you are not good enough to buy Chelsea. We don’t need unnecessarily sentimental owners. Chelsea needs a pragmatic proactive corporate minded owner who knows exactly when to draw the line and make a decision. Imagine if you were the owner of Chelsea at that time. Instead of us wining the UCL, Club world cup and the Super Cup, Chelsea will be struggling and fighting relegation by now, because of your lack of will and the boldness to sack Lampard. For me your comment here disqualifies you already. You need to go for a training course under Roman Abramovich pls.”

Omo Iya Dema: “Is like this man is drinking water with his anus ooooo, they’re talking about selling of club, his talking about sacking. Is like his just waking up from bed”

MJ Forbes: “Nick, quit while you’re ahead please. Clearly in hindsight. it was the right decision to sack Lampard. We probably don’t make Top 4 (when you consider we needed a Tottenham victory on the final Sunday to secure 4th place – after losing to Villa). And we’re definitely not winning the Champions League if Lampard was retained. Tuchel is the right man for this job. Loads of experience in 2 different countries prior to coming here. Lampard needs time to hone his skills.”

Cxc Seth: “You all have seen what will befall our beloved Chelsea FC if he finally take over ? This comment is pure British from a man that is just a bidder”

Identify Isaac Toni Agana: “we need to sack this man before he get the job”

Rufus F. Watson: “Nick Candy or nick chocolate whatever your name is,U can’t buy Chelsea and those that responsible for selling the club won’t sell Chelsea to u ahead of all those Billionaires involved,If u can go on air and say Lampard sacking was too harsh,then I don’t think u understand football really well,Bcuz under Lampard the team was heading nowhere and languishing in 9th place on the table”

James Collins: “Nick candy or Nick chocolate can go to Everton to join Lampard so they can go for relegation. He and his Lampard do not know anything about sports management. That’s pure nonsense.”

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