Cristiano Ronaldo insists he’ll ‘never pressure’ his son to follow his footsteps

When asked if Cristiano Jr will become a footballer in the future on Netflix’s ‘I am Georgina’ documentary, Cristiano Ronaldo replied: “Only time will tell.

“I will never pressure him. He will do what he wants.

“Also what I want the most for Cristianito and everyone else is that they’re happy and that they choose what they want. I will support in any way.

“The best thing that we can do is have children and educate them to have unconditional love.

“And to have a woman by your side who gives you stability then the kids’ education is phenomenal.”

The Manchester United forward has hinted at marrying Georgina Rodriguez in the near future.

The stunning Argentine model, 27, is currently pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Jr has already impressed fans with his skills on the ball. Ronaldo himself is always seen helping his son train and at present, the 11-year-old plays for the famed United Academy.

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