Declan Rice set to leave West Ham for bigger club: ‘I want to win the best stuff’

“I’ve always said it, I don’t want to have a career where I’ve won nothing,” Declan Rice told Gary Neville for The Overlap podcast.

“I’ve grown up as a kid seeing all these top players win the big trophies, Premier League and Champions League.

“As a football fan and player, I want to win the best stuff, I want to win the Premier League and lift that trophy, I want to win the Champions League and I want to win the FA Cup, League Cup, stuff with England. I want to win it all. As a footballer, if you’ve not got that ambition, why are you playing?

“I want to have those experiences of winning trophies and being the best I can be.”

Given that winning all those trophies with West Ham is hardly possible in the next few years, it’s a strong indication that Rice would consider a move to a bigger club.

Chelsea are one of the clubs keeping tabs on the midfielder. Such a move would be attractive for the boyhood Chelsea fan who was let go from the club academy aged 14 and might have a sense of unfinished business there.

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