‘He’s an international treasure’: Fans hilariously react to Kante’s awkward photoshoot

It has become a tradition for Chelsea players to have a casual photoshoot with the club as part of the Christmas occasion.

At the sight of N’golo Kante’s slide, Chelsea fans had a lot to say but we have picked one hilarious comment among them all. Here are the pictures below:

The midfielder could not look more awkward in this clearly oversized jacket – Chelsea fans had a lot of fun with this image on Twitter.

KentBrockmanFT: “Just let this guy play football and leave the rest”

vennedinho: “This man is an international treasure”

Caribbeanpotter: “Ah, bless him – you always get the feeling he is one of the best players in the world almost by accident, and certainly not by choice. Legend.”

kagi_bruce: “Why did they have to force my guy Kante into this???”

TheSuhchef: “Bless him. Kante is wholesome”

tsthetallgoa: “Such a sweet guy hahaha, he’s only not awkward on the football field it seems like.”

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