Hot 10 Jobs You Can Find in Sports Marketing

Aside from the high salaries and wages, a career in sports marketing can be very exciting. Sports enthusiast are more likely to thrive in sports marketing job working on the business side of athletics.

When it comes to pursing a career in sports marketing, there are many options to choose from in different niches. While going through this article, you will find out how you can apply your skills in sports and earn bounty reward in doing so.

What are marketing jobs in sports?

Basically, Sports marketing jobs refers to every activity that focus on providing advertising and public relations services for sports teams or events.

Applicants for these type of jobs are more likely to get a job in advertising agencies, public relations firms or other media companies that offer marketing. Working in sports marketing revolves around publicizing for a specific team or player and creating marketing materials that advertise games or special events. The major responsibilities of a sports marketer include advertising, sales and event management.

List of 10 jobs in Sports Marketing

1. Brand manager

National average salary: $67,568 per year

Primary Duties: The primary duty of a brand manager is to ensure that the image of their clients are properly represented. As a brand manager, you are basically a public relation professional who is entrusted to build a successful brand for clients. You must contribute to brand success and also take part in trying to increase tickets or merchandise sales for a team or player.

2. Advertising manager

National average salary: $63,787 per year

Primary duty: The work of an advertising manager is basically to lead the advertising team in creating and distributing advertising materials. People in this line of work make more contracts with media outlets like newspapers, radio stations and television networks that allow those outlets to publish advertising materials like commercials or print advertisements.

An advertising manager in sports marketing might oversee the advertisements created for a specific team or sports venue.

3. Sportswriter

National average salary: $31,516 per year

Primary Duty: As a Sportswriter, you’re basically a journalist that exclusively covers sporting events.

Sportswriters typically have an extensive knowledge of the sport they cover and a thorough understanding of sports statistics that they use to include details about specific players or teams in their writing. You can work as a sports writer for a website, newspaper, television network, radio station or any publication that covers sports.

4. Market researcher

National average salary: $56,161 per year

Primary duty: Basically, a market researcher is concerned with gathering and analyzing information for the purpose of marketing.

As the sports industry is ever changing and growing, market researchers are vital for creating successful marketing campaigns for players or teams that cater to current trends in the market. Market researchers also consider aspects of the industry like ticket sales, reach of advertising and consumer response to previous advertising campaigns.

5. Marketing assistant

National average salary: $46,335 per year

Primary duties: This involves maintaining existing marketing campaigns and making necessary improvements to them over time by monitoring which aspects are successful and revising marketing and schedules accordingly.

Also, it involves gathering information needed for the creation of marketing campaigns; conducting researches, keeping track of trends in the market and writing copies for marketing campaigns.

6. Public relations manager

National average salary: $58,356 per year

Primary duties: A public relations manager or account manager basically leads the public relations team and supervises the creation of marketing materials. Also, the job include facilitating communication between clients and the public.

In most cases it involves acting as a spokesperson and making statements to the media. In sports marketing, a public relations manager represents an individual athlete or an entire sports team or organization to help create a positive public image for them.

7. Broadcaster

National average salary: $54,538 per year

Primary duties: A broadcaster is a media professional who provides live coverage of events. In sports marketing, broadcasters are in charge of creating narrations of a sporting event or provide play-by-plays of exciting moments during a game.

Sports broadcasters can work on several platforms, including internet broadcasting, television, radio or live at a sports venue.

8. Videographer

National average salary: $78,266 per year

Primary duties: The work of a videographer in sports marketing includes: operating camera equipment and recording footage at sports games, practices and other athletic events.

Videographers typically have an extensive knowledge of cameras and recording equipment and know how to use these tools while moving along a court or field. Sports videographers are also in-charge of editing their own footage for use in advertisements and marketing materials that publicize a particular athlete or sports team.

9. Promoter

National average salary: $69,004 per year

Primary duties: A promoter is an event professional who works on publicizing events and attracting customers to buy tickets. Promoters contribute to publicity initiatives, advertising campaigns and any aspect of planning an event that involves sharing information about the event with the public.

In sports, event promoters are accountable for ticket sale to games or special athletic events by advertising athletes who might appear there or building excitement around a particular game.

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10. Salesperson

National average salary: $60,996 per year

Primary duties: A salesperson is a professional who works in sales department. The responsibilities include: reaching out to clients, conducting sales pitches and maintaining relationships with clients to encourage repeat purchases.

In sports marketing, salespeople also work in advertising and focus on selling advertising space to different teams to promote games or events.

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