‘I don’t really know’: Rangnick explains Darren Fletcher’s role at Man United

When asked about what exactly is Darren Fletcher’s role at Man United, Ralf Rangnick said: “Well, I can only talk about what I’ve experienced in the last 11 to 12 weeks. He has always been part of almost every training session and each game.

“Whenever I have had a question about what he thinks, because he obviously knows the players, he has known them for a long time. I could always, and will always, ask him for his opinion. So it is good to have him in the team.

“What is his role in with regard to the club? I don’t really know, to be honest. I can only tell you what is happening in the training sessions, around the training sessions and around the games. In those areas, it is good to have him on board.”

Fletcher was appointed as the club’s technical director last year, but has been working almost as an assistant coach to Rangnick since he arrived.

The former United midfielder has often been spotted in the du:gout during games as he helps the German manager with his duties.

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