‘It’s gonna be scary but not for us’: Chelsea fans reacts to Madrid El Clasico humiliation

Real Madrid suffered a 4-0 defeat against Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu. It was a horrible performance by the Whites, who were dominated by the Catalans throughout the game.

And we’re talking about a Barcelona side that had to put in an extra effort to beat Galatasaray in the Europa League. They’ve been doing well under Xavi but are still a far cry from a team they once were under Pep Guardiola or Luis Enrique.

So many Chelsea fans are relishing the prospect of facing this Real Madrid side in the Champions League quarter-finals. Here are a few reactions off Twitter.

77_Kiah: “What Chelsea will do to Madrid will feature in the top 5 most inhumane acts in human history.”

Sark_Lawyer_: “If common Barcelona is making Real Madrid drink goals, just imagine what Chelsea will do to them.”

SaddickAdams: “Chelsea being global experts at exhilarating counterattacking game, they will be salivating at this Madrid defence.”

_fels1: “Real Madrid looks finished. Chelsea will flog them home and away if this is how they will play the CL semis. Aubameyang was just chained by that small finished London club, seemingly. Great Game!!”

PetjeLeppy: “Real Madrid thinking they can beat Chelsea while being suffocated by a Europa League team”

CfcSheikh: “Real Madrid fans said they were out for revenge when they drew Chelsea in the UCL. Little did they know we’re on our best form of the whole season while they are losing 4-0 in the El Clasico. It’s gonna be scary but not for us.”

IamAbdulqudus: “Someone said Barcelona should leave whatever is left of Madrid to Chelsea for skinning since Barcelona slaughtered them in a barbaric manner.”

British consortium makes promise ‘very, very long-term commitment’ in view of club ownership

The Times report that an ‘entirely British-backed’ consortium has launched a formal bid to buy Chelsea.

The consortium consists of asset management firm Centricus, hedge fund manager Jonathan Lourie.

Centricus co-founder Nizar Al-Bassam has explained the consortium’s motivation behind the attempt to takeover Chelsea.

“I don’t think any of us are coming purely because we’re fans or purely because we love football,” Al-Bassam told The Times.

“It’s really driven by the commercial opportunities. But it is a long-term investment.

“For us, you simply can’t buy a club and expect to sell it in 5 or 10 years. The expectations from the fans, the regulators, be it the FA or Premier League or from the Government, wouldn’t be to have a sale of this club in next 5 or 10 years.

“So this’d have to be a very, very long-term commitment. The commitment just around either a stadium expansion or a new stadium is a half-decade commitment and that needs to be done in consultation with the community, the council and with fans.”

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