Jorginho receives support from Chelsea fans amid criticism

Jorginho has come in for some criticism in recent times after a string of poor performances, a fall from the highs of the summer for the Italian.

However, u/admiralawkward on Reddit has explained why Jorginho can still get it done for the Blues.

The fan wrote: “I still think Jorginho can do the job but perhaps I’m blindly holding on. He was able to do it for Sarri at Napoli, Chelsea, and for Italy.

“I was watching the highlights and I thought Jorginho played quite well in the second half. In the first half, Winks got past him because both him and Kovacic were in bad positions and completely pushed to the left flank.

“And the second was a ball loss when we were pushed high and Bergwijn ran past Jorginho and that created that chance for Kane.

“So I definitely understand the people that say he can’t do it but I still think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. If I’m wrong, I’m sure it’ll become evident.”

If N’Golo Kante is fit, then the case for him and Mateo Kovacic to start together is a strong one, but Jorginho shouldn’t be written off just yet either.

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