Chelsea midfielder Jorginho sends message to Liverpool ahead of EFL cup final

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho shares his thoughts on the EFL Cup final with Liverpool saying:

“Everyone who plays against Chelsea knows our ability and that we can really cause trouble for any team in the world. We are aware they are in a good moment but they know that they cannot slip because we are here as well working hard and we deserve to be where we are.

“For me personally, I keep visualising what the game is going to be like. I will try to bring this positive energy and keep on visualising what it will be like if we can win.

When asked about the opposition he responded:

“Every team has good and bad things so we need to try to find their weak point because every team has some. When you find it, you need to attack that point, so we just need to analyse and see what this point of Liverpool is.

“They are a really strong team who are doing really well and maybe opening the Premier League up again but we need to believe that we have good potential to win this game because it’s one game. As everyone knows, in a final anything can happen; you just need to be well-prepared and try to win the game.”

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