Lukaku reveals what happened to his son during Covid-19 struggles

“It’s difficult for us as players but everyone in the world. Everyone in the world is going through difficult times, you have to make sure you check on each other often to see if you’re okay mentally and stuff,” Romelu Lukaku told ESPN when asked about his experience of Covid-19.

“As a man, I try to check on my friends, on people that are important to me, to make sure that they are okay. It’s not easy, you cannot see your loved ones. You miss a lot of stuff.

“I missed my son’s birthday, I spent Christmas in isolation by myself. Hopefully there will be an end to this.”

The Chelsea striker tested positive for Covid-19 before the Everton game. He missed three games as he had to enter quarantine.

The Belgian returned to the squad against Villa, scoring a goal and winning a penalty.

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