Man Utd boss Rangnick: I don’t care about media – it’s all untrue

Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick insists he’s not bothered about the negative press around the club.

Rangnick is adamant the reporting is simply wrong.

He said, “Well, I’m not frustrated at all because I know that it’s not the truth. I told you already about Harry being captain, this is not an issue at all and it has never been an issue for us and for myself, as the manager. All the other things, to be honest, I don’t listen to that noise that much because my full focus is on preparing the next training and for the next game.

“Obviously, I have heard about what is written, I can only tell you, from my personal experience, in the last 11-12 weeks, yes, there were players unhappy until the closure of the window because, as I always said, the squad was too big. We had too many players who just realised that they wouldn’t get game-time. I think this has improved, for sure, and, from what I can tell you, the atmosphere in the locker room is better than it used to be a couple of weeks ago, for that reasons we just spoke about and, well, all the other things.

“As you quite rightly said, for us, it’s about performing well, showing togetherness on the pitch, getting the best out of our performance and winning games. This is our job. Those are the things we can influence. All the other things, we have no influence upon.”

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