Man Utd midfielder Bruno Fernandes replies critics with intelligent message

Bruno Fernandes landed in trouble for posting a training ground picture with Eric Bailly and Raphael Varane last week.

He captioned the post: “Feeling very safe between these two.

“Several Manchester United fans assumed that it was a ‘dig’ at Harry Maguire, whose performances had disappointed over the past few games.

However, Bruno has set the record straight. He told Premier League Productions: “Honestly, I think people question everything at this club. Every week we have a new story about something.

“I posted a photo on Instagram where I was with Rapha and Eric and I said, ‘I feel very secure in the middle with these two’, meaning, ‘security’ like my bodyguards. And people were complaining I was throwing something at Maguire.

“But Maguire was not the only defender who was not in the photo. [Victor] Lindelof was not in the photo, Phil Jones was not in the photo.

“People want to complain and want to make stories around us, but the most important [thing] is that we stick together and do our jobs on the pitch.”

The midfielder continued: “Obviously, everyone is really happy with H [Maguire] because it’s really tough being in his place in the last period.

“Honestly, we all have bad games. And when we don’t win it’s not because H is not playing well, or Bruno is not playing well, it’s because the team is not playing well and it’s not performing in the right way.

“For us inside the dressing room is not where we blame someone, but understand how we come out of bad situations.”

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