Rangnick introduce new technique and bans certain foods among Man Utd players

Manchester United interim manager, Ralf Rangnick has placed a ban on some sort of foods at the club in his desperate move to up the fitness level of his players.

The German has banned the players from a range of unhealthy food and drink on rest days.

He is said to be disappointed that the players could not adapt to his high pressing style of football.

The former RB Leipzig boss has struggled to get United stars to play how he would like since becoming the interim boss in December, so he’s bringing in new measures.

According to the Sun, Rangnick is redesigning the diet of the players, and for this reason has had to ban them from having a number of treats for the rest of the season.

Some of the banned foods and drinks include: bacon butties, burgers, pizzas, red meat, cakes, alcohol and fizzy drinks.

The banned meals and drinks were replaced by chicken, salmon, monkfish and more vegetables.

A source told the Sun: “Ralf has high standards and wants to play a pressing game — but the players are not fit enough.

“He’s analysed all the data and identified what they need to cut out of their diets and eat more of.

“There’s no more bacon sandwiches or burgers on rest days and he’s banned boozing and ordered them all into the gym for extra sessions.”

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