Roy Keane confesses why he heavily criticized United defender this season

In a recent interview, Roy Keane explained why he has so heavily criticized Harry Maguire this season. He told the Times: “I actually think 95 per cent of my punditry is positive. I have been critical of some players over the last year or two if they’ve been playing badly or not doing their jobs. People don’t mind that.

“Then you criticize a Maguire or a [Harry] Kane, and it’s, ‘Ah, that’s not acceptable. ‘So it’s OK if I slag off the Tottenham right-back, no one mentions him. But you can’t be saying that about Harry. Why not? Did you not see the game?

“I’m trying to be honest. I don’t mind a player not being good, but don’t be so bad. Maguire said players can have a drop-off after being involved in Euros. [Declan] Rice hasn’t had a drop-off.

“Players can have a drop-off but don’t go from there to here. I’ve got no agendas. I don’t know Harry Maguire. I don’t know his agent. I don’t know anyone’s agent. I don’t have an agent.”

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Keane lambasted Maguire a few weeks ago for celebrating after scoring for England against Albania. He’s been called a ‘bully’ for doing so, but it doesn’t look like the former Man United captain cares about it.

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