Spotlight: Thiago Silva’s epic post-game celebration as he applauds and bows in front of away fans

There is an overwhelming bond existing between Thiago Silva and Chelsea fans, it is way too surprising because the veteran defender has been at the club for only one and a half seasons.

The Brazilian was a substitute in last night’s 0-1 win at Spurs. After the full-time whistle, Silva approached the Chelsea fans and applauded them for five minutes as they sang his name:

Reporter Olivia Buzaglo was present at the stadium and she wrote on Twitter: “I don’t know if people watching on TV would’ve seen but after the game, Thiago Silva stood in front of the Chelsea fans for a good five minutes, whilst we sang his name & he danced along & pointed at the badge. What a hero.”

Meanwhile, fan account CFCDubois shared the video and wrote: “I don’t want this man to ever leave Chelsea.”

Silva can be seen appreciating the fans and bowing towards them – what an epic moment this was.

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