Apply Now: Top 10 Fully Funded Sports Scholarships 2022-2023

Top of today’s educational update is the opening of the fully-funded Sports Scholarships 2022 for students, athletes, and researchers interested in studying sports-related disciplines.

These scholarships is aimed to support athletes in pursuit of academic and athletic careers. Most of these scholarships are provided based on students’ athletic capabilities and are meant to help them attend university or high school while participating in sports. Many universities around the world offer scholarships for sports.

List of 2022 Sports Scholarships Open for Applications

The list of top 10 fully funded sports scholarships are also offered by private organizations and governments. We have compiled a list of top 10 scholarships for sports. These athletic scholarships are provided to players of different sports. You can find the list below.

1. FIFA Research Scholarships

The FIFA research scholarship is aimed at supporting football-related research. It is awarded to students, researchers, and scholars affiliated with a recognized institution.

The scholarship is managed and implemented at the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) on behalf of FIFA. Students and scholars from any country in the world can apply. Note that the scholarship is meant for research at the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) at Neuchâtel University, Switzerland.

Applications can be prepared and sent as individuals or groups. However, only one application can be submitted in a year by one person. You can visit the website of the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) to find out more.

2. Trinity Sports Scholarships

This sport scholarship is provided by Trinity College of Dublin to student-athletes, who excel in sports and academics. To be eligible for this scholarship, students need to show outstanding athletic ability and meet minimum admission requirements.

To apply for this scholarship, you must at least earn an admission to Trinity College Dublin. The scholarship is open to prospective and current students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

There are different tiers of sports scholarship provided at the college. The scholarship amount and costs covered vary according to the tier. All scholarship recipients have to represent the college’s intervarsity and national league teams during competitions. For information on this scholarship, you can go to the website of Trinity College Dublin.

3. University of Liverpool Elite Athlete Scheme

This particular scholarship scheme is operated by the University of Liverpool with the aim to nurture talented young athletes. It provides the flexibility, assistance, and support needed by student-athletes to meet their training and competition commitments.

Who can apply?

It is open to both local and international students. To be eligible students need to meet the admission requirements of the university and show the ability and ambition to compete in sports.

Different services and support such as membership of sports and fitness center, accommodation and travel aid, physiotherapy, and career support are provided to athletes chosen for this scheme. To know more about the scheme of scholarships for sports, visit the website of the University of Liverpool.

4. Boston University Athletic Scholarships

This is an annual scholarship awarded to remarkable student-athletes who have gotten admission in undergraduate programs at Boston University. Students have to show strong athletic potential and athletic ability to be eligible.

It is offered as per he regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The scholarship awards range from several hundred dollars to full tuition fees coverage.

The university is currently providing scholarships for different sports. You can find out more about these scholarships for sports at Boston University through its website.

5. Walter Byers Scholarships

As established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, to recognize the contributions of its former executive director. This scholarship is provided every year to one male and one female athlete who has shown outstanding academic achievement and has tremendous potential for graduate study.

The winners of this scholarship are awarded several thousand dollars for studies.

However, to be eligible, students have to achieve a minimum grade point average in undergraduate studies, be a graduating senior of an NCAA member institute, be a member of their varsity team, and have the ambition to apply for graduate studies. More information is provided on the website of NCAA.

6. Sports Unlimited Scholarships

This is provided by Sports Unlimited Inc. in the United States, this scholarship aims to develop and empower students through higher education. It is an annual scheme to support student-athletes for pursuing higher education. Selection for the scholarship is based on the essays provided by the applicants. High school seniors and college freshmen can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship holders are provided with funds for their tuition fees, books, room, and board. Further information is available on the website of Sports Unlimited Inc.

7. BigSun Scholarships

This scholarship is provided by BigSun Athletics, which is dedicated to helping young athletes excel. It is basically aimed at helping young athletes with their academic pursuits. Deserving student-athletes who are high school seniors receive this scholarship. All student-athletes can apply for the scholarship regardless of the sport they play.

However, the scholarship is exclusively for the United States. Several hundred dollars are provided to the scholarship winner as benefit to help them with their studies.

To apply, students have to submit a short essay. Go to the website of BigSun Athletics to find out more about their scholarship program.

8. Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme

This scheme is operated by the Government of Malta. It is available to athletes of any sport, the scholarship is to support sports people to pursue a study program in a sports-related discipline.

The program is divided into two components namely tuition fees and maintenance grants. The scholarship is available only to Maltese citizens and residents and is provided for studies in Malta.

For further information regarding the rules and regulations of the scholarship and procedure to apply, you can visit the website of the Ministry of Education and Employment, Government of Malta.

9. The Foundation for Global Sports Development Exceptional Youth Scholarship

This scholarship scheme is provided to empower youth via education. The scholarship is provided annually to 5 high school seniors. It is a one-time scholarship that provides funds for tuition fees, housing, books, and other expenses at accredited four-year colleges and universities in the USA. The main aim is to recognize and award students who are high achievers and are actively involved in giving back to their community.

It exclusively for US citizens and residents. More information is provided on the website of The Foundation for Global Sports Development.

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10. University of Kent Sports Scholarships

This scholarship is provided to support male and female athletes at the University of Kent. Scholarship recipients will have to represent the university at sports competitions.

The scholarship is available to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of the university. The scholarship provides financial support to cover equipment, physiotherapy, and related costs.

Scholarship holders are also provided with different services such as free Kent sports membership, fitness testing, sports guidance, supervised workouts, and fitness programs. The scholarship is meant for players of different sports. For more information on this scholarship, visit the University of Kent’s website.

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