‘I absolutely cannot understand’: Tuchel advocates for 5 subs as he rips into Premier League’s handling of Covid crisis

Thomas Tuchel told The Guardian that he doesn’t have issues with the hectic schedule during the festive season but he does see problems with the way the Premier League have handled the Covid crisis.

“I absolutely cannot understand, zero per cent, why we are the only league who plays through winter and we are the only league with three substitutes in a period of heavy, heavy Covid threat and situations,” Tuchel said:

“It makes absolutely no sense. It is the [current] situation and that is worrying. The schedule is not the problem. We love the schedule. Five changes were invented [permitted] in the UK when corona first started.

“Now we are in the middle of it, I get the feeling that everybody is refusing it or refusing to think about it.

“For me, it is only logical to do this because Covid affects everybody and you simply need more possibilities to protect the players and share the minutes. This is my opinion and I will not stop standing up for it.”

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The Premier League is the only league amongst the top five European first divisions to not have the five substitute rule. They did introduce it during the lockdown during the end of the 2019-20 season but have since then chosen not to bring the rule back.

Tuchel isn’t the only one advocating for this change, with Jurgen Klopp also heavily in favour of the idea. It remains to be seen if the rule change is agreed upon by the league.

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