Chelsea boss Tuchel and players make final decision amid club sale plans

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says his players are calm amid Roman Abramovich’s plans to sell the club.

This morning, Tuchel spoke about focusing on football despite the uncertainty over the future ownership of the club:

He said, “They know, we had a briefing here the day after the match from Petr (Cech), who gave everyone here in the building, including the players, a quick brief and explained the situation.

“It was not too much that we did not already know so we have to live in this situation.

“It doesn’t make sense to worry too much because we don’t have a lot of influence, if any influence at all.

“We are allowed to focus on football and do the best to focus on football.

“It was not only the team but the whole staff, this is what we try and do, to create a an atmosphere where you feel safe once you enter the building, where you feel calm, because we do this on a daily basis it can help now with the situation.

“Of course there is uncertainty, like with all humans, there are almost 100 people in the building and everybody will feel different about this. Some will feel scared, some will feel sad and I think everything is allowed for every individual but we can and should allow ourselves to focus on what we love the most and this is football.”

Tuchel was asked whether the uncertainty over the takeover could affect issues such as contract negotiations.

“We can’t help it. It is what it is,” he said. “You never know maybe it has a positive effect on negotiations or maybe a negative effect. We can’t predict and do not want to start predicating scenarios.

“Still I hope for a positive outcome and still I think Chelsea is a strong club and will stay a strong club. Our owner has decided to sell the club but he is selling a strong, solid and very well organised club at the highest level.”

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