Chelsea boss Tuchel explain how club sale could disrupt his transfer plans

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits their summer market plans could be affected by the club’s sale.

Tuchel concedes delays could disrupt their summer transfer plans.

He said, “It may be, but today I don’t want to focus on problems. Maybe it will happen like this, maybe some players will decide for something that they would not have decided in other situations.

“But there are many ifs in this talk.

“We hope that the club will continue its history, I have faith in our ability to adapt and I am convinced of our ability to find solutions.”

There’s ‘optimism’ new Chelsea owners could be in place by end of March – David Ornstein

Raine Group, the US bank in charge of selling Chelsea, have expressed ‘optimism’ that a deal could be done by the end of this month, The Athletic’s David Ornstein told Sky Sports.

The top source explains that around half a dozen bids have been officially lodged.

The exact list of the bidders is not known, but it’s likely to include the usual suspects like the consortiums led by Todd Boehly, the Ricketts family and Sir Martin Broughton.

Raine Group’s task now is to whittle down the list to only a few contenders. In the next few days, it will become clear which bidders have made it to the next round of the process.

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