Tuchel reveals his future commitment with Chelsea in new interview

Thomas Tuchel is feeling optimistic despite the challenges going on at the club.

Speaking after the Norwich game, Tuchel insisted that Chelsea will continue to compete.

“Maybe the worry is to find enough shirts to play in with the sanctions, but as long as we have enough shirts as the bus is full of fuel we will arrive and be competitive.”

Chelsea beat Norwich 3-1 away from home despite the worrying news concerning the club being heavily restricted financially by the UK Government.

Just in: Chelsea can’t buy fuel for team bus as club’s credit card gets frozen: The Athletic

The Athletic understands that Chelsea’s credit cards have been temporarily frozen by the UK Government.

The company credit card of the club allows the team to pay simple bills like gas for the team bus, daily maintenance and other minor expenditure.

The new restriction tightens the noose around Chelsea making it difficult for the club to survive futher.

In a statement by Chelsea, the club intends to continue to execute its fixtures going forward.

Chelsea Youth squad are currently in action against West Ham, as scheduled.

What could happen to Chelsea in the next 3 months?

Chelsea could go burst in a matter of 81 days if they can’t find a buyer for the club before the end of May, according to The Sun.

Abramovich will have to allow the UK Government to sell the club and walk away without getting a penny, as per a ‘licence’ issued by the government.

However, the said ‘licence’ has an expiry date of May 31, which means Chelsea will fold-up if they can’t find a buyer before then.

Chelsea’s humungous £333m-per-year wage bill cannot be paid unless they find a new owner quickly, as the club’s income sources have been blocked off by the government.

Recently, shirt sponsor Three cancelled their £40m contract with Chelsea, with Nike also close to pulling out.

This is the worst case scenario, and we really hope things never get this bad for Chelsea!

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