‘They shouldn’t have any input’, ‘They lost the privilege with Ole’: United fans react as players want Pochettino as next manager

According to multiple trusted sources, Manchester United players prefer Mauricio Pochettino to be the club’s next permanent manager.

The majority of the squad reportedly would go for the PSG boss rather than Erik Ten Hag, who is also in the race to be United’s next manager.

The Red Devils’ supporters aren’t too happy to see this kind of an attitude from the players, as they reacted to it.

Here are some reactions from Man United Fans

Chet: “They should all shut up they lost that privilege with Ole. They are paid too much money to play for this club for God sake and should not have to choose the coach. How will they respect the manager when he was picked by them. What is wrong with this club.”

Manchesterfan1639598503805717336: “What a load of Bulls and if the owners were to believe this Bulls then Manchester United won’t be winning any silver wear for the next 10 years and they might as well put the club up for sale because they won’t get any more top quality players who would want to play for this club and I have been supporting Manchester United since I was 3yrs old and that’s 65 yrs long and it hurts me to see what is going on in this club at the moment with these lazy ego hunting players.”

Bernard James: “And let me say this, if we eventually get Poch, we should be ready for more years of trophy droughts. I have a very strong doubt about his ability to bring us back to those glory days. They wanted him because of his soft approach. This club is done.”

Londark: “Is that a threat? Give us Poch or will continue under-performing? A bunch of spoiled kids the lot of you. Give em Ten Hag and fine them till they got no more money left.”

Halder Pinaki: “Both player’s and board want soft cookies aka Ole… it’s quite clear they are unable to handle RR with his I would say little rigid approach and discipline… not to mention what these lazy and pampered player’s would have done if they played under iron-fist management of SAF…”


ScientificShrimp: “Tell them Poch loves having his players train in the dark and they’ll soon change their minds.”

ny2803087: “Remember how they were complaining how the club appointed Rangnick without consulting them? Ffs how entitled are they.”

MagicalSky1: “Why? They shouldn’t have any input.”

Gentlycupthescrotum: “Imagine working in retail as a shop assistant and you are asked whether or not the manager they are about to hire is suitable for the job or not.”

Elbapo: “Manchester united players can have an opinion when they win us the f league.”

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