Van de Beek accepts Blame for Young Boys equalizer

Manchester United starlight, Donny van de Beek has accepted that his negligence led to Young Boys equalizer in the last Champions League group stage match.

United started brightly through Mason Greenwood’s goal but were forced to settle for the point following Fabian Rieder’s equaliser.

Van de Beek misplaced the ball in the build-up for the goal and admitted his mistake, although Rieder’s shot left goalkeeper Dean Henderson with no chance.

“Maybe I should kick it away. I didn’t do that I take responsibility for that, after that it was a little bit difficult,” he said.

“We didn’t get enough pressure on them, we lost too many balls and it’s difficult to come into the game.”

The midfielder also had some kind words to say about debutants Tom Heaton, Zidane Iqbal and Charlie Savage after the game.

“For a few guys, they make their first game in the Champions League.

“Congratulations to them because I know it’s really special to play this night. 1-1 and we focus on the next one, in the Premier League.”

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