Van de Beek reveals motivation after recent struggles in mind blowing interview

Man United loanee Donny van de Beek was asked about how he keeps himself motivated even after struggling in the last few years at Old Trafford.

He said: “For my motivation every day, I remember where I started. I started in the youth teams, with nothing. I was down at the bottom, now I am there [raises hand].

“There are moments it can be a little bit like this [lowers hand], then it is up to you to bring it back up – to go again [lifts arm and makes stepping upwards motion with hand]. I always think about this – and always believe there is another way to go up again.

“I believe in my qualities and know what I can do. I have all the time to do it again and it is up to me to show it. Dedication is always rewarded, I firmly believe that.

“In the Ajax academy, they have speciality coaches, covering different elements of the game. They will identify your weaknesses, then try to help.

“f you have a poor left foot, for example, you practice with someone three times a week. They’re not watching whether you’re winning or losing, so much.

“Of course, they want you to win, but the main thought is, what we can do to bring this player to the first team. When I was 15 or 16, I started to grow up and improve a lot. I worked on my physicality and my sprinting and my explosiveness. I became stronger and was better on the ball – and then I began to stand out.”

Van de Beek has started 3 games for Everton in the Premier League since joining them on loan, more than he did in the first half of the campaign with the Red Devils.

He is still poised to return to Old Trafford in the summer as United wants their new manager to assess Donny before making a decision on his future.

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