What must Tuchel do to turn things around in second leg against Real Madrid?

Chelsea have a mountain to climb in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final as they travel to Madrid with a two-goal deficit.

Several of Thomas Tuchel’s decisions backfired last night. These included playing Mason Mount in the front three, keeping Andreas Christensen to mark Vinicius Jr and not starting the in-form Mateo Kovacic.

Our question is this – what do you think the manager must change for Chelsea to have a fighting chance against Real Madrid?

Let us know your opinion down; However, take a look at how Chelsea fans has reacted lately.

‘Maybe he should be benched’: Chelsea fans react to Mendy’s mistake in Real Madrid loss

Edouard Mendy produced arguably his worst performance of the season for Chelsea in their 1-3 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals first leg.

The Senegalese goalkeeper was unable to save either of Karim Benzema’s headers and then gifted him a goal in the second half.

Mendy came out of his line and failed to make an accurate pass, allowing the Madrid striker to score into an empty net.

His poor outing has left Chelsea fans upset, as they reacted.


Irfan Samdin: “Since Mendy joined Chelsea, he did made some high profile mistakes. But I never angry with him… never… Except tonight. That ridiculous error just killed our good chances to fight back in Bernabeu.”

Alexgbodi: “It’s high time the coach start benching Mendy. He thought he has arrived and began making costly mistake on the pitch of play for a Champion league for that matter. His attitude these days it becoming unbearable. Sometimes, players play worst game and their keeper saves them but Mendy has seen himself as the second best keeper in London but am afraid he might be the worst keeper soon.”

Lovethanjay: “When we’re trying to Forgive Mendy for the first two goals, he gifted the third easily to Benzima. Conceding 7 goals in Two Matches is something unpleasant nd bitter pill to swallow.”

Emmysly Duru: “Maybe Mendy is allowing the hype from England get to his head. 7 goals in two matches is outrageous. maybe he should be benched a little.”

Richard Pereira: “Mendy delivered the killer blow to our chances with his casual reckless attitude . He obviously learned nothing from the PSG game in which Benzema pressure Donurama into a mistake, and Benzema did the same to him.

“He often puts his own defenders under unnecessary pressure sometimes with reckless passes to a defender already under pressure . Needs to be benched ! and Kepa given a chance. Otherwise his mistake will be rewarded and he won’t learn.”


JonyNemonicPredicNFT: “This one was very poor though. Like 80% of my local Sunday league has better footwork than Mendy. I know he’s a goalkeeper, but when you play at that level, ball control should at least not be an issue. Not asking him to be Neuer, but what he did today was very underwhelming.”

Fawkes_91: “I love Mendy and he has been arguably the best buy in the last couple of windows for us, but the best in the world shouts always confused me.

“A keeper who is clearly shaky with the ball on his feet and weak in saving penalties cannot be the best in the world, and certainly not after 1.5 good seasons with a top club. Mendy is a top shotstopper. The best in the world shouts can maybe come within that ability of a GK, but overall the likes of Courtois, Ederson and Alisson are ahead.”

Moe_Moe_Kyun: “Mendy is better off playing with wheelchair tbh. He’s the same.”

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