Whitehall source tell Chelsea what to do until sale to remain afloat

Chelsea have been trying to secure amendments to the licence that currently prohibits them from any financial activity.

The club presented a detailed list of potential changes, including lifting the ban on selling tickets at Stamfiord Bridge, for them to operate ‘as normal as possible’.

However, a source at the UK govenment claimed that it’s impossible for Chelsea to ‘carry on as normal’.

“They’ve got to live in the real world. People are getting bombed and losing their lives in another country,” the source added.

The only change that was allowed was increasing the matchday costs from £500,000 to £900,000 amid concerns that Chelsea would otherwise lose millions fulfilling their fixtures.

Thomas Tuchel reiterates his stance on Chelsea future

“I cannot predict the future. Right now my future is until Sunday, actually, and since Thursday, even more so,” Thomas Tuchel said ahead of the Newcastle clash, as quoted by the Mirror.

“So let’s go day by day. There’s no other solution at the moment.

“First of all, I like where I am, because I appreciate the value it has to be in a club with a mentality that fits so good to my mentality. I appreciate the amount and quality of support I’ve found in this club.

“There I feel very privileged and very lucky. I know how much I need this to be the best version of myself. It has big, big value.

“I never had in any contract that I can spend this amount of money, or that amount of money, that I need this player. I never did this in any club.

“I trust myself also to adapt to a lot of situations. I trust my ability to influence teams. I’m happy to be part of that big team at Cobham and at Chelsea. I’m still very, very happy, and I hope it will not change.”

According to multiple reports, Man United are looking at Thomas Tuchel’s situation and might decide to pounce if they believe he’s close to leaving the club.

That’s another reason why the sale has to go through quickly so that the uncertainty over the head coach’s future does not last for too long.

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