Why Premier League refused to postpone Chelsea game finally revealed by two top journalists

Just like Manchester United and Tottenham, Chelsea had requested for their fixture against Wolves to be postponed due to a small COVID outbreak in their squad. However, the Premier League did not do them any favour and rejected the request.

A lot of fans have been asking the reason for the rejection. Top journalists Matt Law and Nizaar Kinsella explain why.

Law writes: “Without knowing full details, it does seem odd that Chelsea’s request was turned down and it’s a huge problem that we don’t know on what grounds and why their case is judged differently to some others.

“It certainly leaves PL open to accusations of bias etc. but and fairly big but, not wanting to have to start with Saul, Barkley or Sarr is not a reason to have a game postponed.

“If Chelsea take a risk on Kante and Kova fitness today, assuming Saul and Barkley are available, it’s because Tuchel will have chosen to.

“Chelsea requested the game be postponed on the basis there will have to be players on the bench who are not fit enough to play. PL rejected on the basis they ruled Chelsea have 14 players available for the game. Believe Chelsea had two further positives yesterday and one today.”

Nizaar added: “In Chelsea’s defence, a reason the request was likely denied was the training ground stayed open and they prepared for this match.

“Unfortunate that their ability to continue longer than others has resulted in negative circumstances today. Chelsea have 19 senior players available so this could be the main reason.”

Also, more questions arose from the fans who are wondering why no academy players have been named on the bench, with four midfielders and two goalkeepers sitting there.

Nizaar added: “I’m not 100% sure on this. I do think that it is part of the internal decision making at CFC, rather than strictly enforced by the league. Theoretically, I think they could promote players after careful testing to move them between squads.”

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