Why Protester tied himself to goalpost during Everton vs Newcastle game

A bizarre incident occurred during the Everton vs Newcastle clash in the Premier League on Thursday night.

A protester ran onto the pitch and tied himself to a goalpost with a cable five minutes into the second half at Goodison Park.

The man, who was wearing an orange T-shirt that said ‘Just Stop Oil, was apparently protesting the drilling of the new oil fields in the North Sea.

It took half-a-dozen Everton stewards about eight minutes to remove the protester with the help of bolt croppers. The man was then led away by the police and arrested.

After further investigations, it was revealed that the man’s act was done to protest against the United Kingdom’s involvement with new fossil fuel investments.

Fossil fuel has proven to be terrible for the environment and this was certainly a new way to highlight that. Take a look at the images below:

It took seven minutes for the stewards and police to be able to cut him and the entire incident led to 14 minutes of injury time at the end of 90 minutes.

He eventually was carried away by the police:

Fans reaction to the incident:

ash_ninetyone: “Even the Everton fans want us to beat Man City to the title” (Liverpool fan).

fletchindubai: “If he’d tried that at Newcastle the new owners would have just cut his whole head off.”

coutinhoscurler: “I guess Everton matches are really that boring huh..but props to the guy for sending a message, for sure.”

kitahey: “I really respect his conviction to do this. For a good message as well. He knows he’ll be slagged for this.”

thelimeylemmon: “Good thing he didn’t try this at Anfield when we played Inter, ball hit the post enough times he was certain to get one in the knickers.”

Everton scored a dramatic winner in the 99th minute to win the game 1-0.

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