Ziyech shares squad’s reaction to Chelsea’s ongoing sale

The future of Chelsea’s ownership is still up in the air with a lot of names being thrown around the past few weeks.

Hakim Ziyech shares how all this outside talk and the arrival of a new owner has affected the squad: “To be honest our group has always been close.

“These things [the sale] are not in our hands, there’s nothing we can do about it. We only focus on what we can do, winning our games and performing well.

“That’s our main focus at this point. All the other stuff, yeah you can discuss or whatever but it doesn’t change anything.”

That’s a perfect answer from Ziyech. He implies that the team has spoken about the ongoing matter but their focus remains on the field as that’s where they can win and please fans the most.

Chelsea’s next game will be against Brentford in a week’s time and there’s a big possibility that the club will have new owners by then.

Jorginho and Italy fail to qualify for World Cup 2022 after shocking loss to North Macedonia

The biggest upset of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers came last night as Italy lost 1-0 to North Macedonia.

The European champions could not score across the playoff game and conceded in the 92nd minute as the Balkan nation upset one of the best teams in the world.

Jorginho played the full game for his country and although he created four key passes and made four interceptions, he could ultimately not prevent the loss.

The midfielder had missed a penalty in the group stages which ultimately proved to be very costly as had he scored, Italy would already have qualified for the World Cup.

This defeat sees Italy failing to qualify for their second consecutive World Cup. What’s more shocking is that this result comes less than a year after their Euro 2020 triumph!

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